1. Guitar for Beginners

Ideal way to start your guitar training. Program assumes no prior knowledge of the instrument or music. Classroom sessions and hands on practise take the student step by step to guitar playing. Program covers essentials of Guitar playing including strumming patterns, Chords, Two major Scales, a few songs apart from guitar maintenance and changing strings.

2. Guitar Playing and Music Theory

This programs is for those who last the initial enthusiasm and start playing major chords and a few scales. This programs assumes students desire to play Guitar as a regular hobby and committment of some practice time during the week. Program takes the student from chord play to playing across the fretboard, family of chords, more scales, introduction to Arpeggio, playing in team. This program also exposes the student to fundamentals of music theory including sight reading, chord formation, key signatures etc.

3. Guitar Playing, Music Theory and Original Construction

This program is for serious learners. At this stage it is assumed that student is playing basic chords, scales and a few songs. Program develops the creative instinct of the student and lets him create original music using guitar skills and music theory. Program assumes a couple of hours a week practice time on the student apart from workshop schedules.

4. Professional training for Guitarists & Bands

Meant for aspirants who intend to undertake professional guitar playing, this program equipps the student with all the necessary skills required by a professional guitarist. Apart from guitar playing this program covers essentials of Band formation, Band management, contracts, copywrite issues as well. This one is for really serious ones.

All programs are available at Guitar Society studios at Andheri, Thane, Vashi and Mumbai.

For details on programs and registering call LUCY -9987597395 or 32920883


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