The Winner

Well quite simply put,The winner is…..but before we go in to that ,lets take this opp to thank all who’ve surfed your very own site,The spons BEATS 99 Mulund and all those who worked on it.Not forgetting the one’s who showed us the way to this site Ms.Quidsya and Mr.Prashant bhaskar.We,ve had and awesome nos of hits from the time we started …in fact 2,95204 page hits.Thats by any standards commendable.The hits on the maximum day 27th of April were 27,896.and today on the closing at 12 in the afternoon we’ve had 17,905 page hits.Others ….thts all u guys have hit a whopping 57,000 pages.Well ,as u know, that ,there were two Guitarists who hit  till the end …They are Praveen Kamath and KALPESH Kumbhare.Today Kalpesh led…..and infact for the last couple of days he was leading in the day to day category…however, we have to state that PRAVEEN KAMATH has won this beauty below on the overall nos of days by a margin of 17,000 page hits .     “An electric guitar“. Congrats  Praveen and wel done Kalpesh…Details of when n where u can collect your guitar will be put up  soon on your very own site…watch posts Daily.                                                       …..go ahead and Celebrate……U”ve WON IT

               Remember U were In IT ….TO WIN IT.                                                       CLAP CLAP CLAP


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