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This Day in Music: June 18th

Saturday, June 18, 2011    12:01 AM

Brought to you by the guitar society

18th June
Mangal dhilon
19th -Raj Kiran
Rasik Dave
Sadhna Singh
Shweta Shetty
Reema Lagoo
Brought to you by ThisDayinMusic.comBorn on this day:
1942, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Wings
1942, Carl Radle, bass, Derek and the Dominoes
1957, Tom Bailey, vocals, keyboards, The Thompson Twins
1971, Nathan Morris, Boyz II Men

A report by Extreme Tech estimated that last week’s Google “doodle,” featuring a playable stringed logo in honor of the late Les Paul, cost businesses £166 million ($268.4 million) in lost productivity. The doodle was released on what would have been the guitar great’s 96th birthday, June 9. It proved so popular that the search engine site left the doodle up on its landing page for a second day.

The report, claims that workers spent a total of 10.7 million hours playing with the doodle, on which they were able to record what they played and email that recording to their friends. During the two-day stretch, 740 million visitors spent an average of 26 seconds on the page.

Les Paul passed away in 2009 at the age of 94

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