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Born on this day:
1944, Ray Davies, The Kinks
1948, Joey Molland, Badfinger
1950, Joey Kramer,Aerosmith
1953, Nils Lofgren, guitarist,
1981, Brandon Flowers, The Killers

1955, Elvis Presley played two shows in Beaumont, Texas, with bassist Bill Black and guitarist Scotty Moore.

Jon Bon Jovi has been talking about his long friendship with guitarist Richie Sambora.

The guitar player recently pulled out of some Bon Jovi dates to attend rehab. Sambora is now back with the band and Bon Jovi told Seven Days magazine: “It was great for Richie to go and take care of himself knowing full well he was not being fired or punished. He needed and wanted to seek help. Now he’s focused, re-energized and everything is great. Our partnership is as strong as ever.”

Bon Jovi expressed admiration for Sambora’s dedication.

“I think he’s very cognizant of the situation and loves his mother, daughter and band more than anything in the world,” he said. “I’m very proud of his efforts. He’s still my dearest friend.”

Deep Purple will release Phoenix Rising, a two-hour-plus documentary set focusing on the band’s time with David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Tommy Bolin, on June 28.

The disc includes a 90-minute documentary featuring extensive interviews with keyboardist Jon Lord and bassist Hughes, as well as archival footage of a young Coverdale and guitarist Bolin, who replaced Ritchie Blackmore on 1975’s Come Taste The Band – the group’s short-lived “Mark 4” lineup.

But the centerpiece of the set is Rises Over Japan, 30 minutes of the Coverdale/Lord/Bolin/Hughes/Paice lineup performing “Burn,” “Getting Tighter,” “Love Child,” “Smoke on the Water,” “Lazy,” “Homeward Strut,” “You Keep on Moving” and “Stormbringer.” This onstage footage from Japan is so rare the bootleg community has not even seen it.

Phoenix Rising will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and in a two-disc DVD/CD package featuring an audio disc of the Rises Over Japan tracks.

Rick Rubin: Metallica to Begin New Album

Producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin says the guys in Metallica are about to begin writing songs for their new album, which he will helm, of course. Rubin talked to about the process.

“I had a meeting with Lars [Ulrich] in San Francisco…to explore what the focus was going to be this time around,” he said. “I’m still sort of thinking about what that is going to be. I’ll ask a lot of questions and we’ll probably listen to some of the riffs that they’ve been writing. Usually I’ll hear something that will sort of indicate the direction and then we’ll talk about it from there.”

Of course, that’s far from the only project Rubin is working on. He’s also produced the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album, I’m With You, which is due out August 30. Rubin shared his thoughts on the band’s new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

“Josh is fantastic,” Rubin said. “He played with John Frusciante for many, many years and he actually toured with the Chili Peppers before, so he’s sort of part of the extended family. He’s stylistically very close to John but has a completely different trip. It sounds like the Red Hot Chili Peppers that you’ve never heard before.”

The producer said that this album won’t be a double album, like its 2006 predecessor, Stadium Arcadium.

“It was painful not to share all of the material that we had, but we felt it would be too much,” he said. “We really wanted it to be 12 songs but it ended up being 14 just because nobody could agree on which 12.”

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