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Carnatic Vocalist Yesudas Performs in Qatar

Courtesy-Amanda Sodhi

Indian music sure knows no boundaries. Carnatic vocalist K.J. Yesudas performed at the Doha Cinema in Qatar in a classical musical concert, Sopannam 2011, organized by a forum of Indian expatriates there. It was the first time he performed live in Qatar.

“Carnatic music is like an ocean,” Yesudas told the audience at the concert. “Even after learning and practising for more than five decades, I am still a student. A lifetime is not enough to learn anything substantial in classical music,” he humbly added. He offered explanations on each raga he rendered to audience members who were not too familiar with classical Indian music.

Yesudas was also accompanied by musicians S.R. Mahadeva Sharma, Thripunithara Radhakrishnan, Visweswara Prasad Krishnan and Omnakuttan.

Indian Musicians and Bands Collaborate for Bacardi India’s Global Campaign

Amanda Sodhi

Bacardi India’s new global campaign Bacardi Together is bringing together a variety of musicians and bands to create a catchy base track titled “The Bacardi Together Anthem.””

Randolph Correira, Pentagram, Shaair n Func, Monica Dogra, Raghu Dixit, and Zero are just some of the names associated with the project. In fact, over a hundred musicians have contributed to the composition from all over India within just thirty days.

Indus Creed Ready Pre-album Release

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes

Indus Creed are recording. Those four words are monumental. Seventeen years have passed since the band released any new material. Is this the longest gap between albums in the history of modern music? Though that’s a bit hard to confirm, what we can confirm is that the reformed Indus Creed – original members Uday Benegal, Mahesh Tinaikar and Zubin Balaporia with new recruits Rushad Mistry and Jai Row Kavi – are currently in the studio recording three tracks for a new pre-album release.

The band’s frontman Uday Benegal confirmed that the band is in the studio with engineer Zorran Mendonca and are currently working on three new tracks  – “Take It Harder,” “Disgrace” and one as yet unnamed song. The three track pre-album EP, which Benegal says should be out somewhere by the end of July, will precede the release of the new Indus Creed album. When asked to describe the sound of the new material he said, “it’s a big contemporary rock sound.”

Indian indie’s elder statesmen Indus Creed haven’t released any new material since their 1994 path-breaking third album Indus Creed. The band split up in 1997 only to reform last year.

The composition has been uploaded on their Web site, and the Bacardi Together on-ground campaign has featured performances in Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru by Sivamani, Montry, Jishnu and Amit Kilam.

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