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The Guitar Society 5 July 2011

Top of the Rock: 10 Sub-Continental Indie Rock Classics

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes

In the primordial Indi-rock swamp of the late ’80s and early ’90s, the earliest prototypes of Indian rock acts were all about knee-length hair and note-for-note covers. Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Guns N’ Roses tunes were de rigueur for homegrown bands if they wanted to avoid a stream of abuse and random object-throwing from their audiences. (Back then, even the Indian rock fan was a touch caveman-like). Eventually, however, the sub-continental bands were able to push past the cover song barrier and develop their own sounds and styles.

Listed below are 10 tunes that map the evolution of sub-continental rock through the ’80s and ’90s. These are the songs that every fan grew up with, anthems that evoke memories of a time when Indian rock was finding its feet and learning how to walk. As it turned out, these are the songs that eventually helped Indian rock to take off.

10. “Mindstreet” – Motherjane

Instantly recognizable by their painted faces during live performances, Kerala rock outfit Motherjane are flagbearers for independent rock in the South of India. Built on a classic rock chassis, the engine of the Southern rockers was undoubtedly ex-guitarist Baiju Dharmajan (he left the band in late 2010). Colouring his sonic palette with sounds from metal and Carnatic classical music, he sometimes referred to his style as “emotional Carnatic shred”. From their debut album Insane Biography, “Mindstreet” was a masterclass in bending the rules of guitar-playing to fit in classical Indian elements. One of Indian rocks most loved songs by one of its most loved bands, “Mindstreet” reinforc

A.R. Rahman Composes Special Tune for Etios Liva Ad Campaign

Courtesy-Amanda Sodhi

India’s top music composer, A.R. Rahman, who happens also to be the brand ambassador for Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) cars Etios and Etios Liva, has composed a tune for the Etios Liva ad campaign. The Oscar-winning musician previously wrote a theme song titled “Pehli Baar” for the launch of Etios and was signed by TKM as their brand ambassador last year.

“Music maestro A.R. Rahman, has composed a special tune for Etios Liva ad campaign,” said Sandeep Singh, TKM DMD-marketing. “He will also feature in a trendy music video. Rahman’s composition will capture the spirit of today’s youth and the sporty image of Etios Liva with ‘Bari Humari Hai’ (‘It’s our turn now’).”

The music video to Rahman’s composition will be played across radio stations and music channels all over India.


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