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The Guitar Society7thJuly2011

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Bunty Bhel

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Sashi Kiran

The Live List: Upcoming Gigs in India

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes


Thursday, 7 July: Overhung @The Hard Rock Cafe

Thursday, 7 July: Slow Down Clown @Cool Chef Café

Saturday, 9 July: Urban Hip-hop Fest @the Blue FROG featuring Bombay Bassment, Microphon3, Boy Ricci and Alan DeSouza.

Sunday, 10 July: blueFrog Metal Night @the blueFROG featuring Eccentric Pendulum, Providence and Vizia.


Friday, 8 July: Peter Cat Recording Company @The Living Room Cafe

Saturday, 9 July: Funk Jazz/Acoustic Night @Zook with the Jazz B’stards (featuring Suguna Sridhar and Aditi Veena) and Gowri.

Saturday, 9 July: Them Clones @Vapour, Gurgaon.

Thursday, 14 July: Half Step Down @Hard Rock Café


Thursday, 7 July: Harley Rock Riders featuring Thermal and a Quarter and Half Step Down @Kyra.

Saturday, July 9: Tarun Balani Collective @BFlat Bar.

Monday, 11 July: Warp Zone featuring Theorized, Dark Desolation, Phlegmatic, Verses, Demetica, Acid Quartet, God Particle and Prime Range @Kyra.

Sunday, 16 July: The Mighty Riff featuring Bevar Sea, Inner Sanctum, Culminant and Pillbox 666 @ Alliance Francaise.


Saturday, July 9: Swarathma @Novotel Convention Centre


Thursday, 7 July: Purple Asparagus @The Basement


Melancholic Ecstasy: The Top 10 Indian Ocean Songs

With two documentary films made about them and their music, and a huge fan-following all over the world, Indian Ocean is one of India’s most cherished bands, and they have a nice eclectic of their own albums as well as Bollywood projects in their repertoire. Here’s taking a look at some of Indian Ocean’s most memorable compositions over the past 21 years.

10. “Khajuraho” from Kandisa

“Khajuraho” from Kandisa starts off sounding almost like a prayer, with Sanskrit sholakas towards the beginning, and later Sanjeev Sharma’s Hindi lyrics exploring the concept of maya. This all makes perfect sense, as “Khajuraho” is dedicated to the town by the same name in Madhya Pradesh, which has an ample amount of medieval Hindu and Jain temples. With plenty of twits and turns and layers, this song definitely makes it to the list of top Indian Ocean compositions. Kandisa is an important album as Times Music helped market Indian Ocean’s music properly for the first time, and following the release of Kandisa, the band toured all over the world.

9. “Melancholic Ecstasy” from Indian Ocean

“Melancholic Ecstasy” from Indian Ocean, the band’s debut album released only on cassette, offers a unique juxtaposition of emotions ranging from melancholy to bliss, the composition moving from a soft, somber, sluggish pace to a faster, jazzier tempo, ending with a bang.

source-gibson guitars/news

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