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A.R. Rahman Performs to Huge Crowd at Hollywood Bowl

Courtesy-Amanda Sodhi

Oscar-winning composer, singer and musician A.R. Rahman performed to a crowd of thousands of both Indians and non-Indians at the Hollywood Bowl in California on Sunday night. The spacious venue seemed small, given how packed the space was with Rahman fans eagerly awaiting the performances to unfold in the evening.

The event was kicked off by Rhythms of Rajasthan, followed by a memorable act by Karsh Kale, also featuring a special appearance by Salim Merchant, Aditya Prakash and Roopa Mahadevan. Bollywood Step Dance and the Sher Foundation also gave energetic dance performances.

Afterward, the talented and humble Rahman greeted the audience very warmly, and briefly introduced a select few of his compositions from EndhiranRojaWarriors of Heaven and EarthWaterLagaan and Bombay – which were performed on stage by the Los Angeles Philharmonic while gorgeous montages from the films were projected on-screen. His jugal bandi of “Mausam & Escape” from Slumdog Millionairewas a highlight of the event, as was his rendition of “Changing Seasons.”

“I loved the experience, the joy of working with a symphony orchestra like the L.A. Philharmonic,” Rahman said after the event. “Indian audiences are denied this experience due to the lack of symphony orchestras in India. I would love to see the day when we have our own world class symphony orchestra with all Indian players, playing our music in harmony!”

Demonic Resurrection Abort Sonisphere Performance, U.K. Tour

courtesy-Shawn Fernandes

After winning the Global Metal Award at last year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, Demonic Resurrection won the honour of playing at the Sonisphere Festival alongside metal’s biggest and brightest, including Metallica, Megadath, Anthrax, Slayer, Slipknot, Motörhead and Mastodon. In addition to their Sonisphere appearance, the band had planned a triumphant four-date tour around the U.K.

Unfortunately, things fell apart as the band have yet to receive their visas to travel to the U.K. As a result of the visa fiasco, the band have already missed the Sonisphere, and have cancelled the rest of their U.K. tour.

In a statement on the band’s Facebook page, band leader Sahil Makhija, a.k.a. The Demonstealer, said, “I’m in a complete state of shock and utter disbelief as I write this but we [Demonic Resurrection] have had to cancel our first ever U.K. tour including our performance at the prestigious Sonisphere festival. We did not receive our visas in time be able to make it to the festival and we have no idea if we will even get it in time to make it for the other shows so we felt it best to call it off in advance rather than try and wait in the hope that the visas will arrive, it would be unfair to all the promoters and fans.”

The statement goes on to say “this is truly one of the lowest moments of our careers, playing a festival like Sonisphere and then following it up with a tour, it actually is like a dream come true for us, one that we’ve worked a decade to achieve. However we will not let this deter us and we do promise that we will come back to the U.K. soon and kick some ass.”

Tarun Balani Collective Recording Debut Album

Shawn Fernandes
Drummer and composer Tarun Balani is well-known on the Delhi independent scene for his work with Advaita, Faridkot, Artists Unlimited and Incognito. The Berklee College of Music graduate now turns bandleader with his latest project The Tarun Balani Collective.

Composed of Sharik Hasan on piano, Aditya Balani on guitar, Suhail Yusuf Khan on sarangi and vocals, and Balani on drums, the ensemble has come together to realise “Balani’s vision as a composer, drawing from a world of influences, finding it’s expression in the modern jazz idiom.” The band’s current bass player is Swedish composer and Berklee professor Bruno Raberg.

After rehearsals in Delhi, the collective moved to Yashraj Studios in Mumbai to commence recording. In addition to their recording sessions, the band has played two live dates in Mumbai and Bangalore. The Tarun Balani Collective have an upcoming gig in New Delhi on 13 July at the India Habitat Centre.

Photo credit: Shiv Ahuja


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