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Taanaz Irani


Delhi’s Fire Exit Launch Fire Exit Music Academy

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes
The Delhi-based six-piece Fire Exit describe their music as “progressive alternative rock”. Composed of Subhadhra Kamath on vocals, Aashish Mandhwani on guitars/vocals, Tejas Agarwal on drums, Aditya Roy on bass, Varun Gupta on tabla and Arjun Shankar on guitars, Fire Exit released their debut EP OkBye! earlier this year. Melding the dark edge of modern rock with the languid spaciness of traditional Indian percussion, Fire Exit are easily one of the country’s most exciting young bands.

Richa Sharma Plays Rain n Raga

Courtesy-Amanda Sodhi

Richa Sharma recently performed at Mumbai’s Nehru Planetarium for the annual Rain n Raga concert. Rashid Khan, Parvana, Taufeeq Qureshi, Satyajeet Talwalkar and Rakesh Chaurasia also performed at the show. The concert followed a jugal-bandhi format, depicting different moods of the monsoon season, and showcased different genres and styles of classical Indian music as well as thumri, Sufi, folk and regional music.

“I am highly honored to share the stage with renowned artiste like these,” said Richa Sharma. “My performance involved Sufi flavor emoting shades of mood sadness, happiness to romance. It was one kind of a classical evening which was created with Rashid Ali Khan Saab which will go down in my memory lane forever.”

Sharma is working on an unplugged album, which she says is her dream project.

“This has been my dream,” Sharma said. “I have always wanted to record like they used to earlier, without the help of digital re-mixing and editing.”


VH1 Revamps Daily Show Lineup for Independence Day

Amanda Sodhi

For Independence Day, VH1 revamped its daily show lineup to honor Indian artists and bands who have made their mark at an international level. The show was titledVH1 India Rules and honored A.R. Rahman, Jay Sean, Raghav Sachar, Nitin Sawhney, Indus Creed, Pentagram and Niladri Kumar, among other artists and bands.


The show featured special performances by well-respected bands and artists including Talvin Singh, Brahma, Indus Creed, Pentagram, Asian Dub Foundation, Shaa’ir + Func, Jalabee Cartel, Scribe, Them Clones and Supesonic. VH1 also premiered A.R. Rahman and SuperHeavy’s latest single, “Satyameva Jayathe,” along with a video created by viewers.

Source-Gibson guitars/news

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