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The Guitar Society 8th Sept 2011


You Share Your Birthday with

Asha Bhosle

Satish Kaul

The Live List: Upcoming Gigs in India

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes


Thursday, 8 Sept: Advaita @Vapour

Friday, 9 Sept: Jalebee Cartel, Dualist Inquiry, B.L.O.T, Kartach and Vipul @Club Sirrocco

Friday, 9 Sept: Launch Party with BassFoundation, The Ska Vengers, BBC, BuffaPirate@Out Of The Box

Friday, 9 Sept: The Circus, Mindflew and October @Zook

Friday, 9 Sept: Indigo Children and Fire Exit @Café Morrisson

Friday, 9 Sept: Drift – The Trio @TLR (The Living Room)

Friday, 9 Sept: Adil & Vasundhara @Florian

Saturday, 10 Sept: Barefaced Liar – Tribute To Pink Floyd @The Stage, Manajsa

Saturday, 10 Sept: Fire Exit @Tryst MusiCafe


Thursday, 8 Sept: Galeej Gurus @Hard Rock Café

Saturday, 10 Sept: Shaa’ir + Func @Bacchus

Saturday, 10 Sept: Swarathma @ PES BBM College, Banashankari

Sunday, 11 Sep: The Bicycle Days @Soul Sante


Thursday, 8 Sept: The Hoodwink Circle @Blue Frog

Thursday, 8 Sept: Medusa @Blue Frog

Saturday, 10 Sept: Metal Nights II featuring Albatross, Vizia, Orion & Therefore Play @B69

Saturday, 10 Sept: The Reggae Rajahs @Zenzi Bandra

Tuesday, 13 Sept: The Colour Compound @Blue Frog


Friday, 9 Sept: Shaa’ir + Func @High Spirits

Saturday, 10 Sept: Midival Punditz @Area 51, Baner.


Thursday, 8 Sept: Parikrama @Calcutta Medical College

Friday, 9 Sept: Parikrama @Someplace Else, The Park


Friday, 9 Sept: Avial @The Beach


Sunday, 11 Sept: Avial @Marine Drive


Tuesday, 13 Sept: Avial @ Chandrashekharan Nair Stadium


Saturday, 10 Sept; Arjun Vagale & Ash Roy (Jalebee Cartel) @Viceroy Inn

Source gibson guitars/news

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