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The Guitar Society 20th Sept 2011


You Share your birthday with

Homi Wadia

Maadhur Utreja

Mahesh Bhatt

Munna Dhari

Sonica Gill

Sudha Chopra

A tribute to all Sir Charles’s Students

and all Musician friends…From the Album



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The Live List: Upcoming Gigs in India

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes


22 Sept, Thursday: Advaita @Vapour, Gurgaon

22 Sept, Thursday: Junkyard Groove @Hard Rock Café (Opening act: U.8. Noise)

23 Sept, Friday: Five8 @Tryst MusiCafe

23 Sept, Friday: Shaa’ir + Func @Circa

23 Sept, Friday: Menwhopause @Underdogs Sports Bar & Grill

23 Sept, Friday: Reggae Rajahs Present: Tribute To Hip Hop feat. DJ A1 @Out Of The Box, Hauz Khas Village

23 Sept, Friday: Teddy Boy Kill @Zook

23 Sept, Friday: Peter Cat Recording Company @TLR Cafe

25 Sept, Sunday: Tribute To Rage Against The Machine featuring Prithwish Dev (Them Clones), Nikhil Rufus Raj (Indigo Children), Sahil Mendiratta (Faridkot), Rahul Sainani (Joint Family) @Café Morrison

28 Sept, Wednesday: Dualist Inquiry @Smokehouse Grill

28 Sept, Wednesday: Faridkot @F Bar & Lounge


20 Sept, Tuesday: Soulmate @Blue Frog

20 Sept, Tuesday: Coshish @Landmark, Phoenix Mills (Delhi Belly DVD Launch)

21 Sept, Wednesday: The Differences With Far Out @Pizza By The Bay

22 Sept, Thursday: Shaa’ir + Func @Blue Frog

24 Sept, Saturday: Tribute To Bob Marley featuring Clear Blue Sky and Still A Long Way @The Crazy Turtle, Thane

24 Sept, Saturday: Tribute To Slayer featuring Devoid + members of Demonic Resurrection, Bhayanak Maut, Zygnema, Atmosfear, Exhumation


21 Sept, Wednesday: Vravi Live – featuring Ravi Iyer (Para Vayu) @Swig Bar & Eatery

23 Sept, Friday: Dualist Inquiry @High Spirits


22 Sept, Thursday:  Jay Sean, Ludacris and Flo Rida @Palace Grounds (Champions League T20 Opening Ceremony)

24 Sept, Saturday: Buzzard Festival featuring Circus, Fire Exit, Panic Attack, Rang, Silver Tears, Slain, Tantra, Tiffin Box and Wolf’s Lair @ The Palace Grounds

25 Sept, Sunday: Impending Doom Fest featuring Pillbox, Gorified, Bevar Sea, 1833 AD, Undying Inc, Exhumation and Kryptos @ Kyra Theatre


24 Sept, Saturday: The Bicycle Days @G6 Music Café


24 Sept, Saturday: Pandemonium Fest featuring Skrypt, Trojan Horse, Sculpture and Pandora’s Box @Xtreme Sports Bar


27 Sept, Tuesday: Menwhopause @Jumping Bean Café


28 Sept, Wednesday: Menwhopause @The Heritage


25 Sept, Sunday: Abiogenesis @Shilpa Gram Auditorium

Source-gibson guitars/news

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