Dr.Charles Norona’s NEW ALBUM …NOTE WORTHY pre booking started







In a first of it’s kind music launch,where all look overseas for content and imagination for catching eyeballs,Note worthy,the album by Dr.Charles Norona will surely go down in history . It will be the FIRST album to be launched on a PENDRIVE.You heard it right.A pendrive  with 4GB space that can hold 2500 songs approx.This one time buy has Multi track,5.1 channel,3D surround  sound 15 Hindi Instrumental and 15 western instrumental songs catagorised as Lounge music.Once bought,any other album released by sir can be downloaded free on this drive ..A lifetime of Sir’s collective recordings all for free.The Pre Booking of this album has started in right earnest from the 5th of November.The release of this Album is Scheduled for DEC under the Label Vision Music.The album has all time great compositions like ‘Dil ke Tukde’,Mana Ho Tum,Dil Kya Kare,Dil to hai dil,Kisi Patthar ki murat se,Tum Se Milke and other hummable mental relaxation songs in Hindi and in English there’s Must have been Love,Power of Love,House of the rising Sun,Wonderful tonight ,Another day in Paradise…… Sample tracks of some  are available on GO GET IT.

Rahul Sharma Launches His First Santoor-Rock Album

2.Courtesy -Amanda Sodhi
Classical Indian musician Rahul Sharma has released his first santoor-rock album titled The Rebel under the Times Music label. Sharma has worked on more than 50 albums already. The Rebel consists of six compositions including “Spiritual Revolution”, “Rising” and “Gurudeva”. The album is composed by Sharma himself.

Ghazal Duo Ustad Ahmed & Mohammed Hussain to Perform on Idea Jalsa

3.Amanda Sodhi
Ghazal duo Ustad Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain from Jaipur will perform along with Javed Hussain on Zee TV’s music show Idea Jalsa – Music for the Soul. The show will premiere on November 6 at 10.30 a.m. with a repeat telecast at 11.30 p.m.
source -2,3-gibson guitars/news

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