New students Testimonials

"The session was incredible. The basics were explained 
and then the beats were played in harmony with another 
instrument... The session helped us with getting
 a grip on the set"

Dr. charles has an excellent method and wonderful 
way of teaching.... I jst Love learning Drums from 
him...wonderful..!! Vishwash-Manpada Thane

Coming to this session, was not like going to a 
school or college; but it was like withdrawing
 from an infinite bank of knowledge. Regards, 
-Ansh. Shah.=Andheri

The Drums Sessions jst Rocked till they Stopped!!
 Thank U Dr. Charles!! -Joslyn Pereira-Andheri
A fun filled Learning session :-)an experience 
to cherish for life :-))

what we learned today definetly left a mark 
on the fingers but also on r hrts and hopefully
 will leave a musical mark 4 the years 2 come,Thanku
- Abbas-Andheri

I had never thought of a guitar n me but at 
guitar society bthe very first session was 
so intriguing and memerizing tht it mde me 
feel wat I was missing in life music with 
guitar Is wat is rqd n tht alaso onlt at 
the guitar society as it is the best n brings
 u out of ur inhibitions on the very first day
-ritu goyal-Andheri

How the himalaya's cant be described, but 
experienced. Todays music session felt 
like being part of a musical experience 
rather than just watching it on tv !!! 
Looking forward to many more !!
- Nabeel Kadri-Andheri 
Brilliant! Mind Blowing! I haven't 
seen such a fine piece of guitar playing 
in my life. Simply Outstanding!/:)- 

A fun filled Learning session :-)an experience
 to cherish for life :-)) THANKS 
Like stick helps blind people for crossing 
the road, ur classes are helping us to learn
 the art of music to the music blind people.
 Thanks frm sukesh

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