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Questions asked

Can a left handed guitarist play on a right handed guitar

how can i increase the speed of playing scales

what is the time period one takes to learn guitar

what is the right Age to start playing the Guitar

Whats the difference between Nylon and steel strung guitar

What is the meaning of ANDANTE

What is the meaning of OSTINATO in guitar

Can a right handed guitar be interchanged to suit a left hander

Does a twelve string guitar sound better than a six string guitar

How do i select a guitar for my 12 year old

Do shops give the best suggestions on buying a guitar

My fingers hurt while playing chords

How much time does one dedicate to practice

How do i  improve on CHORDS

Is it Necessary to learn how to read music                                                                         Gibson USA - The Joan Jett Blackheart - Melody Maker



1.No a left handed guitarist cannot play on a right handed guitar unless he plays right handed…of course there’s exception to the rule….he’s then Maha talented.

2 to increase the speed of your guitar skills,you will have to practice..Having said that,it’s not the quantity of time you practice but the quality of time you practice.Take it one day at a time.When youre in the Bus,Train or Rick….or car…try memorizing the scale and animatedly move your fingers as though yu’re actually playing.

3.The right age is ten…however…there can be an exception…if you’ve heard a lot of music and you have an aptitude.

4.The difference is that of a cycle and a motor bike…Jokes apart…both have its unique qualities.The nylon string is closer to the piano in sound and the steel string guitar is closer to the  country kinda sound….raw and sharp.

5.Andante means playing the piece at a walking pace.

6.Ostinato-quite simply means a RIFF or Lick.

7.Never….Each guitar has it own specifications ….Right handed…or left handed…Never interchange them.

8.Depends on ones choice.Other wise , both have a distinct sound.

9.Selecting a guitar requires a basic study.see our page GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS to select one for your 12year old.

10.Most of the shops sadly dont…Barring a few exceptions.

11.If you practise daily for ten to fifteen minutes..the pain will go .the skin hardens at the tip and slowly a new skin develops…which wont hurt.This takes a week to fifteen days’.

12.Depends on the Goal.Amature 45 minutes,hobby-1 to 3 hrs and professionals-sky is the limit.

13.Practice…..Practice… videos

14.Yes it’s absolutely necessary to learn how to read your self will improve the quality of playing and understanding others while playin.


Comments on: "ASK a QUESTION" (10)

  1. Can I get the contact details of base players in Mumbai

  2. Hi,
    could you post guitar backing tracks for Songs from the movie “RockStar”.
    hindi backing tracks are generally very hard to find, but right now even if you can provide backing track for “Nadaan Parindey” from Rockstar, I’ll be thankful to you.

  3. Hi I am in desperate need of help. I need to have a music sheet for surinder Kaur akhiya ch tu vasda. I am asking an English group of guitarists to play this music for my first dance at my wedding. Please help me make my dream come true. Thank you

  4. Hello,
    Do you teach how to play on lap steel slide guitar.
    I am interested to learn, please reply.
    Arul Francis

  5. Hi,
    I want to learn to play the guitar formally (long held dream). I want to join the formal Trinity programme. Can you suggest a good instructor.


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