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Guitar Tune and Backing Track

Very Proud of You – Jimi Hendrix inspired tune and backing track.
Bob’s Country Bunker – In the good ol’ country key of A.
Captain Mudbank – Blues-jazz that you can go modal over.
Zappa Ahoy – A groove-based riff to jam over and experiment with using the D# Locrian scale.
My Fingers Are Killing Me – A rock guitar track great for playing E Major Pentatonic over.
Chemo Brain – A funky blues-rock tune that you can play an E Blues scale over.
Freddy Alcheringa – A blues tune in the key of G.
Edan’s Cutting Horse Theme – This is a rock guitar instrumental in the key of E.

Backing Track Only

A Progression
Eb Progression
E Progression
G Progression
Blues for Yous
Missing Javapuss – Acoustic Rock
Free Songdog – Southern Rock
C Wear It
E Rock Groove

Jam and Backing Tracks – All Instruments

The jam tracks in this section are one track per page due to the additional information and suggestions for you to think about when jamming with the track. The most recent jam tracks are at the top.

Guitar, Bass and Drum Backing Tracks (all 3 are on the one page for these ones)

The Dog and The Chooks – Funk-Rock jam track with lots of syncopation in the key of Ab.
On Our Way Home – Tune in the key of C with backing tracks for all instruments.
Cookin’ Green Onions – Blues with soul.
The Coolest Band in the World – Texas Blues.
Rock n Grohl: Grunge jam track in the key of Nirvana. Includes guitar, bass tab and the drum chart.
Cruisin at Apollo Bay – A surf rock inspired tune.
JC Guitars Tambourine Day – Motown groove with some tambourine
Rotten Punk – 80s Punk style backing track

Solo Acoustic Jam Tracks

The acoustic jam tracks below have been recorded with a solo acoustic guitar. They are for you to play any instrument along with them: acoustic or electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, harmonica and so on. You can play lead or rhythm with the tracks, anything you can think of.

Capital City Guitars Blues

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

If you want to play along with the jam tracks but don’t know how to start then these lessons are for you. I’m starting with lessons aimed at the absolute beginner guitar player but there is lot’s of theory and ideas in there for all musicians, no matter what instrument you play. If you are looking for more advanced music theory then you should check out the Modes, Pentatonic and Blues Scales page.

As you read through any of the lessons below you should start applying the ideas by playing along with the backing tracks from the Play Guitar pages: Play Guitar Blues 01Play Guitar Blues 02, …Play Guitar Rock 01 etc. The more you jam, with the backing track or with other musicians, the better you’ll become.

Guitar Lessons – Home Page
Lesson 01 – The E Blues Scale in 10th and 12th position. Position shifting.
Lesson 02 – E Blues Scale Guitar Licks. Learn how to slide into and bend notes.
Lesson 03 – E Blues Scale in 7th Position. More position shifting, note tone and introduces the idea that music is a conversation.
Lesson 04 – E Blues Licks in 7th Position. 6 licks that form a compete blues solo in E.
Lesson 05 – Building Chords – Part 1. Learn to build chords using the E Major scale played on the 6th string. Root + 5th chords. Also discusses fingerstyle and hybrid picking techniques.
Lesson 06 – Building Chords – Part 2. Follows on from Lesson 05 – Building Chords – Part 1adding minor and Major 3rds to each of the Root + 5th chords.

Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Below are 11 lessons for beginner bass guitar players. Lesson 01 starts with just playing the Root note and then each lesson builds on the last lesson so that you will be able to play some good/solid bass lines by the time you finish lesson 11. Each lesson comes with the bass lines played just with the drums and there is a backing track without bass that you can use to play along with for all 11 lessons.

After you learn each lesson you can then use the bass lines to play along with the backing tracks from the Play Bass pages: Play Bass Blues 01Play Bass Blues 02, … Play Bass Rock 01 etc

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