Rhythm in music

See and learn Amin Khan Strumming in a rythmic link

Rhythm is the simplest yet most important part of music. For beginners, getting rhythm right is half battle won. Rest follows easily on Rhythm. Rhythms is a repetitive pattern that emerges in any piece of music in form of beats or silences. Simple way to find rhythm is to clap or foottap along with the song and soon, you’d be on rhythm.

In the beginning, try selecting a peppy song or a waltz (One Two three – One Two Three), once done, your can try any song. Remember rhythms are simple, so no matter how complex a song appears on music, lyrics or style, rhythms would be fairely simple and would repeat right through the song in most cases. Grip on rhythms would help you eliminate fear of taking on complex songs or music pieces.

Once you get rhythm right, we’ll talk about duration of a note like Whole note, Half note, Quarter note etc. Again don’t panic, its all simple.

First thing first…….Tap your foot.

Excerpts from Article by Charles Norona


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