Founded by Alfred  Norona, in the year 1952, in India.   Guitar Society today is a growing team of guitar and music enthusiasts across major Indian cities.

Both learning members and trainers spend high quality music time together at various locations like Andheri (Mumbai), Thane (Mumbai), Vashi (Mumbai) doing what it needs most – practising.

Each workshop series of Guitar Society is aimed at developing music sense and capability to play original threads.

So whatever level you might be at, there’s a workshop suitable just for you at Guitar Society.

second string

DR,Charles youngest son of Alfred norona,was  an international junior Basketball player.later joined All iIndia Radio T.V. as an Announcer broadcaster,Guitar Instructor.Creative director for ads.made the first ever live progamme HOUSIE for a tv a editor ,owner of a broad casting channel.Painter artist and Dancer…. .Has introduced Salman Khan pooja bedi,Udit Narayan,on their first live show on stage introduced anupam kher,satish shah,shilpa shetty,dinyar cntractor,Late Mr Satyan kappu,Dara Singh, baby pooja ,Mahesh Anand on the first ever live cable T.Vreality show HOUSIE..Was The First to bring Cable Tv to thane..and was creative ,production,and executive incharge in beaming the first live programme in bombay and thane.Has done a Doctrate In sight and Aural music from the guitar society .Instructor to students of the Trinity College of London.


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