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First glimpse of Sir Charles Album Cover-Note Worthy


Sir Charles long long dream of compiling the best instrumental songs ever,in memory off  all music artists living or dead will finally see the light.The cover of which you see ,has, now has been approved off and the Cd,will soon be at a store near you.

Sample songs are given below.The cost of this CD is Rs/150 only.Video is for representation only.and not included in this CD

Sky Rabbit Launch New Album, Tour

Courtesy-Shawn Fernandes
Three months ago, electro-alternative quartet Medusa announced halfway through their set at Mumbai’s Hard Rock Cafe that they were changing the band’s name to Sky Rabbit. Since then, the band has been working on their debut album which is now scheduled to launch on 12 January.

The Live List: Upcoming Gigs in India

Shawn Fernandes


15 December, Thursday: Raeth @Hard Rock Cafe

17 December, Saturday: Hip Pocket @Attitude Alive, Gurgaon

22 Dec, Thursday: 3 Guys And A Girl @Hard Rock Cafe

22 Dec, Thursday: Blue Frog Launch @Blue Frog, Mehrauli

23 Dec, Friday: Jalebee Cartel @Blue Frog, Mehrauli

23 Dec, Friday: Indus Creed@ Attitude Alive, Gurgaon

24 Dec, Saturday: Lou Majaw @Attitude Alive, Gurgaon

29 Dec, Thursday: Five8 (Tribute To The Doors) @Hard Rock Cafe


15 December, Thursday: Zedde @Hard Rock Cafe

17 December, Saturday: Sky Rabbit (Launch Tour) @B-Flat

18 December, Sunday: Strings

22 December, Thursday: Galeej Gurus @Hard Rock Cafe

29 December, Thursday: Mad Orange Fireworks (Tribute To The Doors) @Hard Rock Cafe


14 December, Wednesday: Parikrama @Banyan N Convention

15 December, Thursday: Sky Rabbit (Launch Tour) @Hard Rock Cafe

22 December, Thursday: Agama @Hard Rock Cafe

29 December, Thursday: VRAVI @Hard Rock Cafe


13 December, Tuesday: ShriLektric @Blue Frog

15 December, Thursday: The Mavyns @Hard Rock Cafe

16 December, Friday: Shri + U. Srinivas Trio @NCPA

18 December, Sunday: VRAVI @Blue Frog

18 December, Sunday: Karnivool + Junkyard Groove @IIT Mumbai

20 December, Tuesday: Ashu & Friends @Blue Frog

21 December, Wednesday: Dharavi Rocks  – Artists For A Cause featuring Something Relevant, Agnee (with Shilpa Rao, Papon, Monali Thakur & Meiyang Chang), Ayush Shrestha, Abhijit Jejurikar and Taal Inc @Blue Frog

22 December, Thursday: The Beatroute @Hard Rock Cafe

22 December, Thursday: The Ungulates + Spook @Blue Frog

27 December, Tuesday: Red Cube (Rajeev Talwar, Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Hariharan and Vinit Bharucha) @Blue Frog

27 December, Tuesday: Axe-Tortion with Chandresh Kudwa @Blue Frog

29 December, Thursday: Hoodwink Circle (Unplugged) + Naina Kundu @Blue Frog

29 December, Thursday: The Echoes (Tribute To The Doors) @Hard Rock Cafe

4 January, Wednesday: Sky Rabbit (Launch Tour) @Blue Frog

7 January, Saturday: Bhayanak Maut + Para Vayu (Thunderstruck 2012) @SIES College


15 December, Thursday: Bombay Bassment @Hard Rock Cafe

22 December, Thursday: Moonbeans @Hard Rock Cafe

29 December, Thurday: Swastika @Hard Rock Cafe

5 January, Thursday: Sky Rabbir (Launch Tour) @High Spirits


17 December, Saturday: Pentagram @Someplace Else


31 December , Saturday: Indian Ocean @Wright Town Stadium

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