Like stick helps blind people for 
crossing the road, ur classes are helping 
us to learn the art of music to the music 
blind people. Thanks frm sukesh

“Exhillirating Experience-Patient Teaching”

                                                                       – Shalini-
A good session ,a great Exprience-
Full of energy!!jamming was fun!D
                                                   -Anusha Sharma-
Awsome…Just wonderful…
I would love to continue…
wonderful work by Dr.Charles
It was a very exiting experience of my life
since first time I am in to Music.The way
I started my session was really awesome
This is my second session of learning guitar,
both the sessions were very good and I enjoyed it a lot


My son aryan kamal bhambhani 
said that  it was an awesome class 
with  a rocking sir. The class is
 true  value for money worth 5 times the pricee

"The session was incredible.  The basics 
were explained and then the beats were
 played in harmony with another instrument...
  The session helped us with getting a grip on the set"

Dr. charles has an excellent method  and wonderful 
way of teaching....  I jst Love learning Drums from 
Vishwash-Manpada Thane

Coming to this session, was not like  going to a
 school or college; but it  was like withdrawing 
 from an infinite bank of knowledge. Regards, -Ansh. Shah.=Andheri

The Drums Sessions jst Rocked till they Stopped!! 
Thank U Dr. Charles!! -Joslyn Pereira-Andheri 
A fun filled Learning session :-) an experience to
 cherish for life :-))

what we learned today definetly  left a mark on 
the fingers but also on r hrts and hopefully will 
 leave a musical  mark 4 the years  2 come,Thanku
- Abbas-Andheri

 I had never thought of a guitar n me  but at abc,
 bthe very first  session was so intriguing  and memerizing 
 tht it mde me feel wat  I was missing in life music with
  guitar Is wat is rqd n tht  alaso  onlt at the abc as it 
 is  the best n brings u out of ur  inhibition
s  on the very first day
-ritu goyal-Andheri

How the himalaya's cant be described, 
but experienced. Todays music session 
 felt like being part of a musical experience 
 rather than just watching it on tv !!! Looking
  forward to many more !!
- Nabeel Kadri-Andheri 
Brilliant! Mind Blowing! I haven't seen such a 
 fine piece of guitar playing in my life. Simply Outstanding!/:)
- Manoj-Thane

A fun filled Learning session :-)an  experience 
to cherish for life :-)) THANKS 

 Like stick helps blind people for crossing the road,
 ur classes are helping us to learn the art of music 
 to the music blind people. Thanks frm sukesh
This unbelievable talent
-Arthur france-

“Thank you, Charles, for your uncomplicated 
arrangements of old favorites for piano and violin.
My friend and I get together every Thursday evening to
 make music together. We love your arrangements. 
They are enchantingly pretty. At the end of each we
 look at each other with a smile and say “I like that!” 

“You have  real talent for teaching music. I can’t think
 of anyone that would ever come near your ability. If you 
stopped it would be like all music came to an end.” Manoj,Kavita.

"We are happy to have found a program and voice teacher
 with whom Avichal enjoys an excellent rapport. Many thanks 
to the Superior Abc center for Music for their commitment 
to excellence and their wonderful support!-Henry Solomon

"I would highly recommend ABC.
 I had researched all of THANE to find a knowledgeable 
piano instructor for my daughter Anjali and finally found

"I am so grateful to abc and dr Charles in particulaR
to open  abc music center, when you did and that
 Swara enjoys it so much. She always comes out of classes

"Sir is superb"-poornima

"My twins received piano lessons here when they '
were 4 and 5 years old. They were very accommodating, 
caring and professional. I recommend anyone
 to send their child or go as an adult. Charles sir
 is amazing.-Avinash-

"Fun place to learn musical education including 
theory and history. Wouldn’t pick a different teacher. 
GO Akash!-Anushka-

"Desde hace tres años asisten a clase de piano
 y teoría de la música mis dos hijos varones hoy 11 y 14 años y
 tengo que decir que hacen un trabajo excelente que
 disfruto cada momento que practican piano-INMA MARINA-

"With the inspiration and guidance of
 Dr Charles and Mrs Priyanka, the abc center
 for Music will grow with great prosperity.-RAM GULWADI

"A great place to learn piano and other musical instruments.
 Best place for vocals too-Prajyot-


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