Vintage Guitars

1960 telecaster photo 1966 telecaster photo 1966 telecaster in oly white photograph 1967 maple cap telecaster photograph
1960 Telecaster Custom in Sunburst
1966 Telecaster Fiesta Red
1966 Telecaster in Olympic White
1967 Maple Cap Telecaster
tele thinline picture 1961 fender esquire photo jeff beck japanese telecaster reissue - rare photo Paisley Telecaster photo
1969 Telecaster Thinline
1961 Fender Esquire – refinished
Reissue Japanese Jeff Beck Tele
Unusual 1968 Paisley Telecaster
les paul gold top 1956 photo 1958 gibson les paul special photograph 1973 deluxe goldtop photograph 1954 gibson les paul junior in sunburst picture
1956 Les Paul Goldtop
1958 Les Paul Special in TV White
1973 Deluxe Goldtop
1954 Les Paul Junior
les paul studio guitar photograph 1973 gibson les paul recording guitar, unusual photo ! 1957 les paul custom photograph 1958 les paul junior in tv white photo
Les Paul Studio
1973 Les Paul Recording
1957 Les Paul Custom
1958 Junior in TV White

Rickenbacker guitars also know as “Ricks” are one of my favorite guitar brands, it’s because of Rickenbacker founder being related to World War I Ace Eddie Rickenbacker.  Rickenbacker has been around since 1932 however you would not recognize that distinctive shape until 1957 when Rickenbacker introduced the Combo 650 and the Combo 850 which utilized a sweeping crescent shape. In 1958 Rickenbacker introduced the thin hollow body designs debuting many of the design elements we recognize today.   Ricks are still reasonably priced and readily available.

1060 rickenbacker 450 1961 rickenbacker 450 1963 rickenbacker 450 rick 450 maybe a 1065, 65 or 66
1960’s Rick 450 12 String
1961 Rickenbacker 450
1963 Rickenbacker 450
Rick 450
1992 rickenbacker 360 1968 rickenbacker 360  

rickenbacker 360v

1959 rickenbacker 425
1992 Rickenbacker 360
1968 Rickenbacker 360
Rickenbacker 360
1959 Rickenbacker 425
1980's rickenbacker 620, I wish it wa at 1965 or 1965
190’s Rickenbacker 620
1985 Turquoise Blue 330
1967 Rickenbacker 360 in Fireglo
1999 360V64 in Jetgo

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  1. Are there any vintage shops in Mumbai where I can get a vintage les Paul?

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